I purchased my first camera, a Nikon D90, in November of 2008 while studying as an undergrad student at the University of South Alabama where I graduated with a degree in Business Administration & Marketing Management. At the time, I had great aspirations of being a graphic designer or photographer creating advertisement campaigns for local and national brands, but within months I gained clients requesting photos for graduation, portraits, modeling, fashion, and special events.

Today I am a fine art studio & wedding photographer and I like to travel whenever I get the opportunity. I live in the city of Mobile located on the coast of Alabama. Adventure and exploration has been my anchor in staying inspired to photographing people. From Los Angeles to Detroit and Miami to Mexico, I enjoy the journey sailing aboard a Fincantieri sea vessel or jetsetting across the sky in a Boeing 737. Exploring new places and meeting new faces has always been an interest of mine. There is always something new to learn and I find it all exciting.

I discovered an entire new world and I became engulf in the fascination of imaging and photography. From celebrity, advertising, fashion, beauty, food, architecture, and wedding photography, I have done them all and discovered how versatile the art form is.

I enjoy this art because it's whatever I make it! Creative freedom to be me and do what I love. Life is crazy, fun, and adventurous. I enjoy creating the adventures you would only hear about from the sailors.

Likes: good design, photography, web development, fashion, art, mysteries, films, books, and basketball, foreign languages, traveling

Dislikes: gory movies, infomercials, and college instructors with redunant lectures [get to the point!].